Read Sunday Igboho’s Reaction To The Death Tolulope Arotile

The Akoni Oodua of Yorubaland, Sunday Adeyemo known as Sunday Igboho has described the death of Tolulope Arotile, the Nigeria’s first female combat helicopter pilot as very unfortunate, calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to direct Nigerian Air Force, NAF, to suspend the burial for proper investigation to be carried out.

He stated this while speaking with newsmen on the death of the late flying officer whose burial has been slated for July 23, 2020 at the National Military Cemetery in Abuja.

“The reason why I’m calling for the suspension of the burial is hinged on the need to allow independent investigation to be carried out into the way and manner the young and promising Tolulope Arotile died.

Speaking further, Igboho said that the Yoruba nation is not satisfied with preliminary report of investigation carried out by the Nigerian Air force, NAF and the eventual transfer of the case to the Police.

“We do not have faith in the Nigeria Police because of the way and manner they have bungled many cases of this nature in the past. Many Yoruba sons and daughters have died in questionable manners in the past and up till now they remained unresolved.

He added: “The Nigerian Air force, NAF statement about the root cause of Tolulope Arotile’s death on the road of the NAF Base in Kaduna State has raised many unanswered questions as to the real truth regarding the death of the young officer.”

“We are of the opinion that the suspension of the burial of Tolulope will give room for further investigation and also unravel the mystery behind her untimely death.”

He added that numerous allegations have been raised against the Nigeria Air Force regarding the death of the officer.

“We believe there is more to her death than meet the eyes. We don’t want Tolulope Arotile’s death to become one of those unsolved cases in Nigeria.”

“Yoruba nation has lost a very intelligent, disciplined, confident and courageous young officer who added value to Nigeria’s security.”

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