Singapore Encourages Citizens To Have More Children

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong encouraged local couples to give birth to more children in the “Year of the Dragon” while delivering the Chinese New Year message on Friday.

Mr Lee noted that many Chinese families consider a child born in the “Year of the Dragon” especially auspicious.

He said it was a good time for young couples to add a little dragon to their families.

“I hope my encouragement prompts more couples to try for a baby, although I know the decision is very personal.

“We will build a ‘Singapore Made For Families’ and continue supporting your marriage and parenthood aspirations,’’ the prime minister told the public.

He stressed that the government-paid paternity leave had been doubled from two to four weeks voluntarily.

“Couples will decide whether to have children for their own reasons.

“I am confident they will find parenthood a deeply rewarding and fulfilling journey,’’ Mr Lee said.

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