Senior Yoruba Army General  Involve In Auto Crash After Escort Repels  Bandits Attack Along Kaduna-Abuja Road

A senior Yoruba Army General name withheld has been hostalised following an accident  that occurred along Kaduna- Abuja road yesterday  night after his escort was attacked  by suspected bandits along the dangerous  road.

The Yoruba Army  General who we gathered was coming from an official assignment  from Kaduna was attacked after Akilubu village by suspected gunmen believed to be bandits.

A source told our correspondent  that the General’s escort was able to repel the attack  by opening fire on the bandits who have barricaded the road.
The source added the General ‘s  vehicle eventually had an accident after escaping  the bandits because of the craters and portholes on the road.
He added that the Senior Yoruba Army General who sustained injury  has been hostalised.

The source added, if not for excort that repelled the bandits, they would have succeeded in kidnapping the Yoruba Army General who is very close to former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

It would be recalled that Kaduna-Abuja Express road has been the most dangerous road in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians have either being kidnapped or killed for ransom on the road.

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