Group Decries Campaign Of Calumny Against Comrade Bolarinwa, Yoruba Youth Forum

Olusegun Obasanjo
Olusegun Obasanjo

The Nigerian Chapter of Oodua Progressive League, OPL, has condemned what it called ‘Campaign of Calumny’ against the President of Yoruba Youth Forum, Comrade Olusegun Abiodun Bolarinwa by a group known as Central Council of Yoruba Youth, CCYY.
While condemning CCYY attack on Comrade Bolarinwa and Yoruba Youth Forum, YYF, the Chairman of OPL, Akindele Michael in a press release described the attack as ranting of failed obscure group that wants to seek relevance by blackmailing a group that has been championing the cause of Yoruba people for many years.
The statement reads: “Under normal situation, we would not have bothered ourselves glorifying such amorphous group with rejoinder but based on the fact that this unknown group made some certain incendiary remarks and the need to set the record straight, we write to engage them in respect of the unwarranted attack on Comrade Bolarinwa and Yoruba Youth Forum, YYF.”
“We believe that this unwarranted attack and campaign of calumny against Comrade Bolarinwa and Yoruba Youth Forum for supporting former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s recent statement on alleged ‘Fulanisation’. CCYY or whatever it called itself attack is a calculated attempt by some selfish politicians to discredit Comrade Bolarinwa and Yoruba Youth Forum.”
The group also chided CCYY for trying to malign Comrade Bolarinwa, saying that such attempt to discredit a good Yoruba son will only make group like CCYY and its sponsors incur the wrath or Yoruba gods and deities.
“How can any sensible individual be hiding under a group and think that rubbishing a man whose achievements for advancement of Yoruba youths are speaking for him on a daily basis is the only way to silence a candid and vocal group? This can never happen. Comrade Bolarinwa and the entire members of Yoruba Youth Forum cannot be silenced. All Yoruba groups both home and abroad are strongly behind Comrade Bolarinwa and YYF.”

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