Government Should Fully Deregulate The Oil Sector In 2021-Dr. Kolawole Adewoyin, IPMAN National President

The National President of Independent Marketers Association of Nigeria, Chief Dr. Kolawole Adewoyin has urged the Federal Government to fully deregulate the oil sector in 2021.

Adewoyin in his year message to Nigerians and members of the association stated that full and not partial deregulation of the oil sector will bring a lasting solution to the problems facing the oil industry in Nigeria today.

“In 2021, we are appealing to the Federal Government to fully deregulate the oil sector. Partial deregulation has not put an end to the problem facing the oil industry today. Government must privatise our refineries to encourage local production of petroleum products. ”

He also called on the National Assembly to as matter of urgent ‘National Interest ‘ to pass the PIB bill.

“This PIB bill if passed into law will address many of problems facing the oil industry. ”

Also speaking on the current challenges being faced by members of IPMAN, Chief Dr. Adewoyin said that his members are trying their best by making the products available to members of the public.

“Our members are trying in many ways. For instance, what we bought for N1.8million few years ago is now N5.5million and with almost the same profit. Also, commercial banks are no longer financing us. Other financial institutions we are using now are making things difficult for our members because of high interest. ”

Speaking further, Chief Dr. Kolawole Adewoyin urged members of IPMAN to continue to do their best for the development of the country and the unity of the association, saying that in 2021, he is determined to dialogue with the Federal Government on how to reduce some charges from government parastatals.

“My administration is going to dialogue with Federal Government in 2021 on how to encourage local production of petroleum products and also reduction of expenses for our members at depots and other places.”

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