BBNaija 2019: Three Months Of Frivolity Is Back! By Kehinde Ayanboade

Nigeria as a country in the sub-Saharan Africa is no doubt blessed with both human and material resources. This abundant resource that ought to make the country ranked among the best countries in the world has never being utilised for this purpose. Rather, its citizens and political leaders dedicate time, effort and resources for irrelevant and unproductive things that doesn’t add value to either the development of the country or the intellectual development of its citizenry.
One of the major concerns of this writer is the return of the social trending three months reality show which was staged earlier in 2018 in South Africa tagged ‘Big Brother Naija’. To me, this program is nothing but a waste of time, resources, funds and gathering of frivolities and irrelevances.
The debut appearance of the set of scenes episodic show which featured what I regard as “imprisoned” tens of Nigerian youths has showcased the immoral habits among Nigerian citizens and leaders. This is the reason why the country is still where it is since we’ve taken charge of our country by ourselves.
Many Nigerians and even those at the helm of affairs stayed back at home, to watch the show 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the period of good three months to see the continuous adventure of something that doesn’t speak or smell sense. The availability of social media which is ought to be used by Nigerians as an agent and avenue for them to clamour and express their needs and wants from the government was instead flooded with various hash tags and tweets on Facebook and twitter analysing all activities going on in the “House”.
Youth who are supposed to focus on a way of revolutionising the country did nothing but stayed all day watching the next activity to pop out from the show that arguably doesn’t give any positive impact to their lives. Working flow capacity reduced drastically during this period.
When the controversial show finally ended, the winner of the show “Miracle Igbokwe”, a Warri youth in his late 20s won the price of 40 million as promised and the social media was not allowed to rest with reports of flaunting of money, partying and obscene visuals which are not supposed to be seen in a sane environment.
As if the mess tainted on the face of Nigeria by Nigerians was not enough, the most painful part of this case is the intervention of a state governor who gave the winner of the ‘show’ a whooping sum of 2 million naira, plot of land in any location of his choice, promised to help him established a pilot school and named him an Educational Ambassador in Imo state.
Educational Ambassador? In what way has this show contributed to the intellectual development of the young generation not to talk of educational sector in the state or the country at large? These are questions I’ve not been able to get answers to since this same State produces hundreds if not thousands of academia and first class graduates from government owned and controlled universities, and polytechnics every year. Yet, the government is not creating plan for their employment, empowerment or commendation in the various sectors they studied about.
It is only in Nigeria that a governor of a state will grant an ‘educational ambassador’ to a nonentity when qualified and brilliant first class graduates are still roaming around the street collecting daily stipends from their old parents.
It is only in Nigeria; a government will divert money to irrelevances when statistics showed higher number of indigent and poor children who are finding it difficult to take a meal a day and are dying of hunger. The rich are getting richer day by day; while the poor are getting poorer.
It is only in Nigeria, talented youths with entrepreneurial mindset in technological inventions, entertainment industries, and others get no attention not to talk of empowerment from the government.
A country where civil servants cry and beg before their salaries are paid and increased. A country where senators enjoy the payment of over 15 million naira and other allowances working under fully air – conditioned and stress -free offices and luxurious cars.
A country where pensioners lobby in offices of political office holders to beg for their monthly stipends to survive when the politicians use the metaphorical symbol of animals to cart away billions from offices in the blink of an eye.
The same South Africa that has refused to ensure safety of Nigerians who on daily basis suffer from xenophobic attacks has turned Nigeria to it major pot of income through the establishment of various industries which includes MTN, Shoprite, GoTV, DSTV, Big Brother and others. Yet our citizens opt to raise no objection about it but follow and patronize their decision unreasonably like “Zombies”, just like late Afro-beat Musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti said in one of his songs.
Imagine Big Brother NAIJA!!! been organized for South Africa to make profit.
The show is back again in 2019, another one will come if the government continue to motivate and empower illegalities in the country.
It is high-time Nigerians and government faced the reality of how to take Nigeria to where it ought to be rather than the stagnant position it is at the moment.
It is time to prove our value as “giant of Africa” before another country takes over.

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