Your Husband Belongs To Another Woman With Four Kids’- Larrit Knocks Mercy Aigbe

Lagos socialite and entrepreneur Omolara Olukotun, the owner of Larrit Shoe Village (LSV), has hit back at actress Mercy Aigbe, revealing her marriage to another won’tn’s husband was the cause of their fights and misunderstanding.

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Mercy married Kazim Adeoti, a father of four and a famous Yoruba filmmaker, in January 2022.
Mr Adeoti is also married to Oluwafunsho, a friend of the actress, who lives in Minnesota, U.S. and runs a notable fashion business known as Asiwaju Couture.

Mrs Adeoti claimed that she introduced Mercy to her husband during his 40th surprise birthday party, which the actress attended in the company of her then-husband, Lanre Gentry.

Although Mercy divorced Mr Gentry in 2017 after a messy controversy, their union produced a son Olajuwon.
While this is Mercy’s third shot at marriage, it is Mr Adeoti’s second marriage.

The union news sparked several controversies since Mr Adeoti’s first wife, Oluwafunsho, accused the actress of betraying her trust and snatching her husband.

While Mercy argued that her husband, a Muslim, was entitled to more than a wife, Mrs Abeoti claimed that Mercy was always a problem in her marriage.
problem in her marriage.

Mrs Adeoti, who debunked claims by her husband that she had accepted the actress as a second wife, vowed that she would never get a second wife in her marriage, and described the actress as his side chick.

The actress, despite criticism, continues to showcase romantic pictures and posts of herself and her new husband.

However, on Sunday, Larrit was seen in a viral video fighting with Mercy at an event and tossing a bottle at the Yoruba actress.

The incident occurred at the launch of Remmy Gold, a famous businesswoman’s new plaza on Unilag Road, Lagos State.
Speaking about the infamous fight which almost ruined the event, Mercy said that Larrit was in the habit of bullying her online and physically assaulted her at the event.

The actress claimed that Larrit slandered her online and physically despite attempting to reconcile with the businesswoman and settle their difference amicably.

Reacting to Mercy’s claims, in a Tuesday Instagram post, Lara, better known by her business name, Laritt, revealed that her problem with Mercy was because the actress dared Kazeem Adeoti’s first wife.

To set the record straight, Larrit told her side of the story on what led to the exchange of blows at the public event. She said: “ For the record and clarification, you marrying someone’s husband is not my headache. Your audacity to disrespect and show off, and different indirect signal.”

“You kept daring the other woman on what can she do and calling yourself ‘Aya d owner’; the husband that belongs to another woman that has kids for d the same man u married is what I stand against.”

Larrit is unapologetic about her physical confrontation with the actress, saying she is not a supporter of broken marriages.

“If it is my crime to have offended some people, I publicly say I’m not sorry.”

The Lagos socialite accused the actress of “always acting like a victim to the public and showing your devilish part behind close doors.”

“Anyone can buy your drama. That’s not my business but don’t play with me.”
She further issued a stern warning to the actress to desist from talking about her on social media.

The businesswoman wrote: “Listen carefully. This is social media, a public platform. But don’t call my name to address issues you don’t want me to react to, period. So please do not trigger me by mentioning my name henceforth.”

Aside from running shoe businesses, Larrit started up as a Nollywood actress, and she also supplies shoes to artists and celebrities.

The fisticuff between the actress and the socialite started when Larrit shaded Mercy, conversing with Eniola Ajao about her husband, saying she was just a second wife.

In retaliation, Mercy instructed the DJ to play songs to shade Larrit.

At first, it seemed as though Larrit, seated at the other side of the table, was trying to maintain her calm, not until Mercy allegedly started calling her names.

It provoked Larrit to throw a bottle at Mercy in anger.

Mercy was later captured on video, leaving the party venue dishevelled while being assisted by onlookers and guests.

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