With Our Unique Programs, MOACTV Global Will Soon Become A Household Name-Coker, CEO MOACTV Global

. Michael Olu Coker

Michael Olu Abi Coker is the brain behind MOACTV Global. In this interview with journalists, he talked about what inspired him to establish the online television platform and also the multi-million Naira ultra-modern studio in Ibadan. He also talked about how his young and talented team will make MOACTV Global a household name. Excerpts:

Kindly Introduce Yourself?

My name is Michael Olu Abi Coker. I came from a humble background where our parent taught us how to be humble from childhood. I’m very proud of our parent for teaching us that, because it has really assisted all of us in my family.

Tell Us About What Inspired You To Start MOACTV Global?

The inspiration came from the fact that I have always had the determination of being an entrepreneur right from my childhood. I have always wanted to be my own boss, to run my own business. Also, I have always had interest in news, fashion, entertainment, real-estate, documentaries and sports. And that is basically what gave birth to MOACTV Global.

Tell Us About The Programs, MOACTV Global Will Be Running?

As you are aware that the proliferation of digital media has truly brought about many innovations. People now want digital media on their phones, computers and on other devices. At MOACTV Global, we have recognized the importance of satisfying people and that is why we are carefully working on programs that will appeal to different categories of people. There will be news, entertainment, sports, fashion, documentaries and host of others.

What Will You Say Is The Unique Thing About MOACTV Global?

The unique thing about MOACTV Global is that we strive to be uniquely different. We have assembled young talented brains to make MOACTV Global a household name. We have dedicated team members who can think outside the box.

Tell Us About MOACTV Ultra-Modern Studio?

We have put in place a multi-million Naira ultra-modern studio for us to be able to deliver the best for both our in-house production and also for commercial purposes. We want deliver quality programs and also to be able to satisfy our clients. I’m of the opinion that if you provide the best for your staff to work with; you will get the best from them.

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