Why I’m Giving Free Treatment To Women With Cryptic Pregnancy-Dr Adebayo

Dr Adeyinka Adebayo is a trado-medical practitioner who has been practicing herbal medicine for eighteen years. In this interview, he spoke about the existence of ‘cryptic pregnancy’ and why he is offering free treatment to three women across Nigeria with cases of ‘cryptic pregnancy’. The trado-medical practitioner is also treating chronic diseases such as hypertension, stroke, diabetes, fibroid, general cancer, epilepsy, kidney disease and HIV. Excerpts:

Not many people believe there is a condition called ‘cryptic pregnancy’. What is cryptic pregnancy?

Thank you very much for that question. It is true that not many people believe that such pregnancy exists. A cryptic pregnancy is a condition where there is little or no detectable HCG in the mothers system. The foetus may go undetected by mother and doctors, until delivery. Some of these women do not know that they are even pregnant and some of them do.

But why is it that many people,including some medical practitioners don’t seem to recognise its existence?

It is true that some people and even medical practitioners do not recognize that this kind of pregnancy exists out of ignorance. The reason is that among pregnant women- 1 in 450 doesn’t know her status until week 20 or later. And 1 in 2500 is oblivious until she actually goes into labour. You can see the reason why many are not aware.

So what signs does a woman with cryptic pregnancy present?

Signs may vary but the general signs of cryptic pregnancy are negative urine and blood pregnancy test, continued period bleeding, typical pregnancy symptoms, and at times, negative ultrasounds. Even with these signs, the woman continues to experience pregnancy symptoms including the sensation of foetal movement. Most women do not realize that they are pregnant due to negative tests report, continued periods, little or no symptoms and the fact that they believe their doctors, when they are told they are not pregnant. Many of these women were told they could not have children, they are on birth control or even have had their tubes tied.

In an abnormal situation like this, how will you help to deliver these kinds of babies?

Due to the fact that some of these women with cryptic pregnancies do not believe that they are pregnant and because many doctors will tell them that they are not; they resign to fate. In actual sense, those who are very observant among them will notice changes in their bodies. Because of this, they are faced with going through an entire pregnancy without prenatal care, without medical confirmation of the pregnancy, without support from friends and family. What we do is to first of all determine if the pregnancy is due because it takes between 17 months or even years for such baby to be delivered. After we have determined if the pregnancy is due, we then place the woman on our herbal medicine which will induce labour by opening up the womb and the woman delivers safely. In many cases, the babies are small but will develop with time.

You are known to offer free treatment often, will women with cryptic pregnancies benefit from this? As in will they get free delivery?

Yes three lucky women across Nigeria who are fortunate to call these numbers: 08167503188 and 09093517566. As a matter of fact, one of my patients with cryptic pregnancy just delivered an healthy baby in Edo
state few months ago.

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