Who Will Help Chief Afe Babalola? Something Is Wrong With Him, By Wale Ojo-Lanre

Honestly, it is only a few people who can stick out their necks to point out the mistakes or false moves of a highly-respected  and  globally-adored personality like Chief Afe Babalola. SAN, CFR, OFR.
Two reasons can be adduced for this. One, truth is bitter. Most of us are averse to truth. It hurts to the marrow; so people are always careful and scared of telling the truth, especially to someone who is perceived to be very special.
Secondly,  personalities or accomplished icons of fame, influence and wealth do not normally consider people who are lesser than they are as men of ideas whose pieces of advice are good for them; and, therefore, they normally consider them as  persona non-grata; taking corrections from them is something akin to anathema. They believe that a poor person can hardly harbour fecund ideas.
Thus, these and other reasons are why people may be scared stiff at pointing out the foibles of a personality like Chief Afe Babalola.
Honestly, I hold Aare Afe Babalola in high esteem. For, he is an “Iroko Tree” who wants other trees to sprout and blossom. He is not the archetypical “Igi Nla” (massive tree) which loves to be the only tree in the forest.
I so much love Baba Afe but that is not my story here today. The story of my love for Aare will be for another day.
That I love Are Afe Babalola should not preclude me from pointing out whatever I perceive to be his undoing: By the way, what is wrong with him as a father, mentor and a thoroughbred humanist?
I cannot keep my mouth shut and close my eyes after noticing some strange behavioural patterns in Aare Bamofin of Oyo and the founder of Afe Babalola University, Ado – Ekiti, one of the best privately-owned and run universities in the world.
I should be able to point out what I think is “very and totally” wrong with Baba Afe Babalola‘s ways of life and proclivity to humanity.
“Walai ta lahi,” something is definitely wrong with Baba Afe and you people are not talking. I mean Baba Afe is getting something wrong.
The man who rose from famished grass unto aristocratic platform and who used his personal money in planting  some of the very first  set of buildings at the site of the Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti during its formative days is making a big  mistake.
The father of Bolanle Austen-Peters, has been missing it, ab-initio, and he may miss it for the rest of his life.
Baba Afe Babalola, who is not in the genre of “money – miss – road people’ or men born with silver spoon in their mouth has been exhibiting and setting dangerous precedents in manorial behavioural pattern. And some of you notice, know about, are aware of and you refuse to alert the great icon of the law and this liberal philanthropist just because you don’t want to offend him, Huh! It is taken that the man dies in that person who  has the singular opportunity of saying the truth but because of the binding constraints of mundane issues or pecuniary considerations embraces passivity and closes his mouth with “agadagodo.”
For me, I will refuse to be gagged.  And ready to lay all bare, yes, no-holds- barred!
Now here we go.
My brother, is Baba Afe not making a mistake after he suffered hard, laboured hard and experienced agrarian hunger and poverty to make money and now using part of the money he made through hard work to raise people from poverty and wretchedness, people who were not witnesses of his hard time, men and fellows who were not there to empathize with him?
Don’t you think something  is wrong with Baba Afe Babalola who decided to locate one of the best universities  in the world in his town, Ado-Ekiti, when he was offered a  large expanse of land, pro bono, and other enticing incentives  by the then  government of Oyo State  just because of his agrarian  vision and belief in driving employment  opportunities  in his dearest state – Ekiti?
Is it not a mistake or wrong doing for Chief Afe Babalola to also, apart from the University, site a Multiplex  Hospital, the  first of its  kind in Nigeria, which is in the mould of John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore,  Maryland, US, offering cheap and affordable services ?
Don’t you think it is very wrong for the legal icon  to use his chamber- Afe Babalola Chamber, Ibadan as training coven to nurture, groom and produce   classical and finest legal luminaries who are not only dominating the legal hemisphere  but who are also profoundly distinguishing themselves as first class professionals  in the  corridor, inner, outer chamber of the temple of justice both in Nigeria and at global platforms ?
If something is not wrong with Baba Afe, he should behave like the Lord of Manor or like the big Cock which would not want the younger ones to grow. Nay, Baba Afe would instead use his hard-earned money, influence, network and connection to ensure the success and accomplishments of those who he trained, those who he did not train, those who he knows, those who he never knew but just fortunate to be in need and  just walk up  to him for help?
Is it not wrong for Baba Afe  who is expected to go on the roof-top or on the tallest minaret to announce the avalanche of his philanthropic gestures  but always keep it off the public, in hush tones restricted within the confines of his office ?
Is it not wrong a  habit for a man like Baba Afe to stick to eating organic foods , like elegede, sese, ogede dudu , otili, and traditional stews  like, obe ede, obe ura ,  obe igba , obe  igbagba, obe odu, obo worowo, all garnished with traditional seasoning like iru, epo eku, and others while making a taboo of the fabricated seasonings?
Is it a good thing for Baba Afe not to know how to turn people down whenever they go to him for help which is within his capacity to render? Or must he even help at all? Or how much of such help was he able to garner when he was struggling to make it in life?
Do you think anything is wrong with Aare Afe Babalola for exhibiting these rare virtues totally unexpected of a homosapien?
My brother, nothing is wrong with Baba Afe. Think! Good day

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