Those Who Invaded Capitol Hill Would Have Been Shot Dead If They Were Blacks- Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, an American comedian and actor, says security operatives would have shot demonstrators who invaded the Capitol Hill on Wednesday if they were blacks.

Thousands of protesters loyal to President Donald Trump invaded the US Capitol during the process of certifying the November 3 presidential election.

The development, which thereafter prompted the hasty evacuation of lawmakers to safety, has continued to generate heated outrage across the globe.

Weighing into the incident in an Instagram post, Hart wondered why the Capitol police did not use force on the demonstrators who were predominantly whites.

The 41-year-old ‘Jumanji’ star alleged that the development was further indicative of the rising racial discrimination between whites and blacks in America.

“Two completely different America’s that we are living in. If these people were black they would have all been shot dead,” he wrote.

“This shit is past the word sad….at this point it’s pure disrespect to all people of color. Why can’t we see this situation handled the same way that we have seen our people handled repeatedly….when the armed officers are supposed to use force they don’t….Shit is f**king #sad!!!!!”

Several US politicians including Phil Scott, governor of Vermont, have called for Trump’s resignation following the incident, describing it as an attack on the country’s democracy.

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