SPAC Nation Tobi Adegboyega Now Global Lead Pastor, Names New Two Senior Pastors

The widely acclaimed fastest growing Christian organisation in the United Kingdom, SPAC Nation, has announced the appointment of two new Senior Pastors to carry on the work started by the erstwhile Senior Pastor, Nigerian-born Tobi Adegboyega, who now becomes Global Lead Pastor.

This was made known during the finale of the five-day word explosion of the Church which took place a few days ago.

According to Pastor Tobi Adegboyega who just stepped down as the Senior Pastor, the timing was right for the duo of Pastors Sam Akokhia and Damilola Balogun to take the reins, having earned their stripes, while he moves on to the next phase of his calling which is to replicate the SPAC Nation model in other nations.

Pastor Tobi who started SPAC Nation over a decade with just three

members and has seen the Church grow her membership to thousands stressed that his stepping down was informed by the need for the next generation to take over.

“I have done this hand-over since 2019. I have spoken to the Church, I have spoken to the public and I have granted numerous interviews during which I mentioned this.

Handing over to the next generation is what Africans or churches must now learn. How do we talk about leadership without actually putting people in leadership positions?”

He said the new Senior Pastors have worked tirelessly to see SPAC Nation rise from obscurity to national prominence and was very confident that the duo would keep the flag flying.

The 39-year old Pastor admonished the people to not allow themselves be deceived by cheap tabloids that are only out for fake news that he was bowing out for any other reason.

“This is a Church that has grown in leaps and bounds and has been identified as helping the Police and Councils in combating crime. Do not let cheap tabloids that have no relevance take advantage of the situation. Indeed, these tabloids can never be relevant unless they speak negative.”

He enthused that he felt the calling of God to establish the SPAC Nation template in other nations of the world.

“I feel the call of God to establish this same template to help Churches reach young people all over the world and to make them productive. That is the calling I’ve got right now and I have the right to fulfil that call.”

Pastor Tobi said he was confident of the support of like-minded people with clean hearts in this new quest.

Asked if he would no longer be involved with the SPAC Nation London Church, the charismatic Pastor said he is actually expanding the work by taking the brand to Nations and that London remains the base while the new leadership of Pastors Damilola Balogun and Pastor Sam Akokhia would be the new faces of the Church in United Kingdom, ably supported by the various family heads.

“We still covet your prayers and support even as we launch further to impact on other nations of the world.”

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega will now be known as the Global Pastor of SPAC Nation while the duo of Pastors Sam and Damilola will head the London Church of the fast growing ministry.

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