SPAC Nation: The Success Story Of A Church Transforming The Lives Of Young People

SPAC Nation, the uncommon London based Pentecostal Church led by a Nigerian that has recorded unprecedented success in gathering young people in the United Kingdom has defended itself from allegations levelled against it, declaring that they are borne out of vendetta by some disgruntled former members and mischiefs makers.

The Church led by Tobi Adegboyega records a weekly attendance of over 2,000 people mostly young and upwardly mobile professionals; who worship and praise exuberantly, praying with unusual passion and seen by many as very prosperous; a move that is quite rare and unprecedented in the United Kingdom especially amongst the youths.

The Church which is reputed to be the fastest growing in the UK, where drugs, knives and other dangerous weapons are dropped on the altar during altar calls and tough gang leaders weep like babies under the anointing; has seen over 63 knives and other illegal substances including charms surrendered willingly in their services.

The Church has such an unconventional way of doing things and that has made them the target of criticisms, owing to their uncommon results.

Unlike many Churches, SPAC Nation does not take offerings in any of their services! You have young people registering and queuing up to enter for midweek service. Services last between 5-6 hours. Many of the Pastors are under 30 years old. They don’t have a regular place of service. Service venues are broadcast few hours to start time yet thousands are gathered. All these are totally different from the church order we have been used to.

The Church in a press statement issued by its Board of Trustees Chairman urged members of the public, especially in the United Kingdom and Africa to ignore the media propaganda mounted against the Church, mostly orchestrated by the criminals and drug peddlers whose criminal sources of livelihood had been shut down by the church’s activities.


The current bad press,  a major fallout of the recent UK election where some losers wrongly accused the church of bringing its ‘Evangelical zeal’ to support some contestants who were members of the church, apparently afraid of the increasing influence of a youthful ethnic minority church.


According to the UK Charity Commissio, ‘an inquiry is not the finding of wrongdoing’. The Church has never being under any investigation neither is it under any at the moment.  It has only received considerable coverage and commendations from well meaning individuals and organisations including the Police hierarchy who have also attended a couple of their services in respect to the uncommon result of the church where the government apparatus is obviously failing.

It was also recently alleged that members ‘sell blood’. There’s no such thing as selling blood. It’s a civic and voluntary responsibility to donate blood to the NHS. This is encouraged by any responsible government and it’s a humanitarian and charitable act which we encourage anyone capable and willing to engage in.


All the various allegations are twisted, inaccurate and mostly from fake online accounts and infact has nothing to do with the church as an organisation.

A statement from the Church reads “Be rest assured that we are committed to the best of practices and we will not be deterred from our major cause and objectives by unfounded allegations to score cheap political or economic points to bring our demographics back into drugs and crime.”

“Our main aim remains the furtherance of the Gospel and advancement of the Christian faith by paying attention to our individual members and their overall well-being and prosperity. This is what we have done passionately for over 14 years with results that are too credible to ignore”, the statement added.


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