Skyway To Launch Elevated Rail Transport Systems In Nigeria

. Gives Premium Investment Offers To Nigerians

By Oyeniyi Esan
The Africa Regional Head, SkyWay Capital, Mr. Arogunade Samsondeen has emitted a fresh breath into transportation firmament of Nigeria by launching “SkyWay Investment offers”, a brand initiative to rejuvenate the seemingly comatose transportation system in Nigeria, vis a vis, an open opportunity for Nigerians to be shareholders of the company.

Mr Arogundade who spoke to journalists in, Ibadan, pointed out ” it is a new technological innovations in the transportation industry. It was invented in 1978 by Eduardovich Yunitskiy.

” It has the vision, mission to change the face of transportation all over the world. Presently we are using outdated transport system in Nigeria which are part of the causes of accidents, traffic and many other hazards, so we are looking forward to put an end to it and also not harming the environment, having a free road, fast speed, cheaper in price, changing the face of transportation all over the world. Between 1978 and 2012, the technological ideology was backed up by United Nation.

. Arogunade Samsondeen, Africa Regional Head, SkyWay Capital

Arogudade also notes ” The business plan is a unique opportunity to become a part of the project that will change the entire world. As a wise, sensible and pragmatic investor, invest your money in the development of Sky Way technology today, tomorrow you can become a co-owner of the huge transport corporation which occupies 50 percent of the world transport market.

“400 billion dollars is the evaluation of SkyWay technology by the independent experts, while more than 350,000 experts, professionals and ordinary people have already become a co-owners of the Sky Way technology. Investing in SkyWay is your opportunity to get allotment shares in the fast-growing transport company. When listed on the stock market each allotment shares values 1 dollar at IPO.” , He concluded.

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