Reasons Why We Are After Toyin Kolade, Iyalode Oodua- Group

Who is she?
Toyin Kolade or what is her name?
She will rot in jail.
The so-called Iyalaje Oodua.
By the time we finish with her.
You will be sorry for her.
What is so special. about her?
A daughter of nobody?
Who is her mother?
Who is her father?
Where is she from?
Whose granddaughter is she?
Is she from? Lagos?
Is her father a powerful politician?
Who moulded her head that fits the Iyalaje’s title where our sister, the adopted daughter of the great politician is carrying a lesser title?
What is her grandmother’s pedigree in trading?
Even if her grandmother has ever engaged in trading, that must be in their local town of Ilesha, that Osun state.
Has her mother’s mother, ever traded in Lagos?
Look at her
A daughter of nobody
Who only God just blessed her handiwork.
But should that qualify her to be somebody who is not only a local trader but an intercontinental merchant?
And to cap it all
Our revered king of the source
Consulted the oracle
And the oracle selected her
And was crowned Iyalaje.
Not just of a city or town or village in Yorubaland.
But of the whole Oodua global which includes those in diaspora!
Which made her the Lady Supreme Commander of Market and Merchandizing overall markets in Oodua land both home and in diaspora!
But it seems you don’t understand what this means.
It means she is the spiritual head and ordained leader of all the Iyalojas and Iyalajes in Yoruba land
Why should she be the one?
A lady whose none of her relations has been a Governor in Nigeria before?
A woman whose father has not been a leader of a political party
A mere lady trader whose father does not own Lagos.
How can the Ooni make a woman who is just a workaholic, hardworking, diligent, legit and focussed but of no significant parentage as the head of the iyalojas and iyalajes of Yoruba land?
We will do everything to pull her down
We would use state apparatus to destroy her.
We shall employ the connection of our powerful father in politics to ruin her name.
We shall engage the Editors of all the newspapers where our father has the interest to write fake and libellous articles against that lady called Toyin Kolade, for being a daughter of nobody but made the Iyalaje Oodua,
What kind of nonsense is that
Look, she has not seen and read anything yet.
Just yesterday, we sent a lie against her in one of our father’s newspapers
The lie went viral.
We deliberately twisted a police invitation to read that she was involved in a fraud.
She has not seen anything yet
We shall do more wreak on her image and truncated her business interest
Just because she is a daughter of nobody who God raised through hard work and tenacity of purpose to be made Iyalaje, a title which should be reserved for an adopted daughter of a jack can ban anybody money miss road father.
Walai, we shall not rest our malicious, evil and mischievous oars until that grass to grace, a hardworking, purposeful girl called Toyin Kolade who is the iyalaje Oodua rot in jail just for being the daughter of nobody who became Iyalaje Oodua a title higher than the one which our sister who is a daughter of the mighty bears.

Wale Ojo Lanre
Head Association of Iyalaje’s enemies

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