Read The Risks Of Using ‘FaceApp’

. How Popular App Poses Security Threats

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FaceApp’s aging filter may have taken the internet by storm, but it can pose a number of security threats. People have been sharing selfies that with the help of the filter show how they might look like in 30 years. However, this entertaining app is no angel: When you download the app and agree to the terms and conditions, you also agree to more than letting the app age your selfie.
The app is easy to use. First, you take a selfie or choose one from your gallery and upload it. After a few touches and a little help from artificial intelligence (AI), the app turns the photo to your older self. It also has various filters that allow you to add glasses, beard or even change your hairstyle. And the good part is the app is free of charge.
Well, if something is free online, you have to be twice careful. When you download the app, the app asks for permission, for example, to access your gallery and camera. Most of the time, when we download an app we skip the terms and conditions pages and agree to whatever terms it lays down for us. The problem is in most cases that we do not have a clear idea about the permission we give to a certain app.
When you agree to FaceApp’s terms and conditions, you also allow the app to store your location data as well as your digital footprint, including your search engine data. Meanwhile, your photos can also be used and shared by third parties, mainly for commercial purposes. While downloading such apps it is important to keep in mind that your digital footprint can be traced; but only if you allow it. Never forget that your digital data is important, and the most important data that you possess are your photos.

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