Prophet Oluwasesan Nasheem Lawal: Meet A Man Of God Who Doesn’t Believe In Showy Publicity

At any point in time, God showcases that he is indeed the ‘Almighty’. That is why no matter how bad and corrupt the society becomes; God’s magnanimity in raising godly individuals who will do his bidding and impart positively in the lives of others is never lacking. We have many uncountable references to this in the Holy Bible.
In a nation like Nigeria, where many men of God are on a daily basis looking for ways of gaining prominence and exert themselves in a position to get public recognition, some men of God don’t even like publicity. While some try to ‘sell themselves’ and create a wave of popularity that they can ride on to gain power; some believe that it is only Jesus Christ that makes any Prophet or man of God popular by meticulously following the words of God. One of such notable Men of God that God has blessed Nigeria with today and who don’t believe in showy publicity is Prophet Oluwasesan Nasheem Lawal. He is the presiding man of God in charge of Land of Solution Evangelical International Ministry.
Despite the fact that he is a man of God filled with Holy Spirit and God’s anointing which has freed many from the shackles of bondage; Prophet Oluwasesan Nasheem Lawal is a man of God who doesn’t like being publicised for doing God’s work.
This journalist made many attempts to interview him about the miracles going on in his church, Land of Solution Evangelical International Ministry but he politely told this journalist that only God publicises and that he doesn’t like the human kind of publicity.
In his words: I’m not the one doing all these miracles; it is Lord’s doing. And only the Lord publicises any man of God. I know this is an opportunity many men of God will jump for but I dislike showy publicity. Personally, I allow God to direct me in all I do and that is why I don’t like to publicise myself.”
Prophet Oluwasesan Nasheem Lawal can be said to be following the footstep of Jesus Christ who also discouraged showy publicity. “His kingdom was no part of the world, and, therefore, he had no need for the world’s recognition, so says the Holy Bible.
In connection with his performing miraculous cures, Jesus charged those who had been healed not to tell anybody about it. (Matt. 9:30; Mark 1:44;7:36) . He also instructed his disciples not to make known that he was the Christ.-Matt. 16:20.

. Land Of Solution Evangelical International Ministry

Jesus’ half brothers did not understand why he would carry on his activity in seeming obscurity in Galilee. Therefore, about the time for the celebration of the festival of tabernacles in the year 32 C.E., they said to him: “Go into Judea, in order that your disciples also may behold the works you do. For nobody does anything in secret while himself seeking to be known publicly. If you do these things, manifest yourself to the world.” (John 7:3, 4).

Such a recommendation was an evidence of their lack of faith and what is happening to many men of God today. Had they believed that Jesus was the Son of God, they would never have presumed to recommend what he should do. They would have sought to understand why Jesus conducted his ministry without showy public display.
The Lord has been using Prophet Oluwasesan Nasheem Lawal to do wonders in the lives of human beings across the world. For the past twenty years, he has meticulously being doing the work of God in a way that many have been freed from shackles of bondage and many others have received salvation. Yet, he doesn’t believe in showy publicity.
This coming Saturday, Prophet Oluwasesan Nasheem Lawal will commission a multi-million Naira Nigerian Church building at Jankata, off Oluyole extension, Ibadan.
The Church, Land of Solutions International Ministry was established as place for agents of change in the community. It will use prayer and God’s anointing to continue to win souls for the Lord. As an international Ministry, its branch is situated at 1850 East 79th Street, Chicago, IL, 60649, USA.

Mission Of The Ministry
The mission of the Ministry is to share God’s love and teachings through ministering and service,Oluwasesan Nasheem Lawal is dedicated to sharing the Lord’s word and providing a bedrock of devotion. His passion is unwavering.

Praise And Worship Ministry
Our praise and worship ministry serves to share the word of God and provide a point of contact with the Lord. We believe that that divine solutions are possible through humble and faithful worship.
“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
– Galatians 3:28 New King James Version (NKJV)

Youth Ministry
Our youth ministry is the platform used to engage our younger members in the teachings of God and to encourage our younger community members to embrace God.
“All your children shall be taught by the Lord, And great shall be the peace of your children.”
– Isaiah 54:13 New King James Version (NKJV)

Women’s Ministry
The women’s ministry is the backbone of our church and serves the needs of congregation’s women. They also provide a network of helpers to assist the growth of the church.
“She is more precious than rubies, And all the things you may desire cannot compare with her. Length of days is in her right hand, In her left hand riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, And all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her, And happy are all who retain her.”
-Proverbs 3:15-18 New King James Version (NKJV)

Men’s Ministry
In the men’s ministry we offer support.
“But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness. ”
– 1 Timothy 6:11 New King James Version (NKJV)

Outreach And Volunteer Ministry
Our outreach and volunteer ministry is sharing the with the members of our community the word of God and elevating the quality of life through our food pantry.
“For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in”
– Matthew 25:35 New King James Version (NKJV)

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