Pastor Tobi To Believers: Your Divine Assignments And Calling, More Important Than Present  Realities

PASTOR Tobi Adegboyega of The Nxtion Family (also SPAC Nation) has challenged believers to quit allowing present realities from preventing the fulfilment of their divine assignments and callings.

This call was made in the sermon titled ‘At Least We Tried’ during the Sunrise Service of the ministry. Pastor Tobi explained that the supposed impossibilities should be the fuel that drives us on instead of discouraging us because efforts put in supposed unachievable things can lead to outstanding results.

Backing this assertion up with the Scripture, PT quoted from 2 Kings 7 when there was famine and the whole of Israel was starved to the point of death. He explained that the abundance Prophet Elisha said would be witnessed in twenty four hours was so unrealistic that the King’s adviser scoffed.

“It however took just four lepers who were starved and did not mind dying to make it happen. They were ready to surrender to the Arameans and did not mind dying. They made the move to go surrender to the Arameans and this caused God to go ahead of them. It was the fact that they were not seated on one spot and sulking that moved God to go ahead of them and cause confusion in the Aramean camp, forcing them to abandon the camp and run away. They tried, they made attempt. You also should!”

Pastor Tobi also cited the example of Queen Esther who did not mind dying for her people that were being threatened with destruction. He quoted Esther 4:9-16 where Esther went all out to save her people.

“Esther was living in comfort as a Queen. She had no reason to go the extra mile for her people who were suffering but God used Mordecai to let her understand that she would not be exempt if the Jews were to be massively executed. That triggered the move for her to approach the King in a move which was certain to result in death, as was customary then.”

Quoting further from Joshua 2, Pastor Tobi talked about Rahab, the prostitute who went against her own people to be on the side of the God of Israel. According to him, that act of defiance was the greatest risk that she took because her life was on the line.

“We fear what we don’t know or see. We prepare a future we may not see while despising a present that needs us. Rahab was hated by the whole country hated her and knowing she harboured spies was grounds for her to be executed. She took a stand, knowing death was certain if she did not stand with the spies. If she did not harbour the spies, she would have been destroyed like the rest of her people so why not try?”

PT pointed out that it that singular act of faith that guaranteed Rahab the prostitute a place in the ‘faith hall of fame’.

The charismatic preacher of the word said all of these examples only go to tell believers to break free from what they are holding on to which is capable of stopping them from reaching life.

“The things that scare you just require you taking a peep but you will not go if you are not willing to ‘die’. It was not as if God spoke to the lepers. He instead chose ‘death’ to speak with them. If they did not decide to go into the Aramean camp to surrender and have a way of escaping famine, they would have still died of hunger. God rescued the whole of Israel using lepers.”

“Without Esther taking that step, the whole Jewish population would be destroyed. Esther did not mind perishing, she made the move to approach the King and the Jews lived. If Rahab did not house the spies, she would have died anyway but she defied her people and lived. God is calling you to come into the vehicle called ‘death’ so you can live.”

Before preaching the message, the Pastor advised media practitioners to eschew unprofessional acts in the name of wanting news materials for their media. PT said it was a shame that established media organizations all over the world tend to use individuals as their targets in order to stay relevant.

He charged people who are standing right to take over the media industry so as to give real news while advising the negative-minded bitter people who are being used by to bring down others to find better use for their lives.

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