London Based Pastor Warns Believers Against Complacency


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PASTOR Tobi Adegboyega, the Global Lead Pastor of London-based Pentecostal ministry, The Nation Family has admonished Christians to go beyond complacency and improve on their fellowship with God.

The 40-year old Nigerian-born charismatic minister made this call while preaching a sermon titled the 12 Cases of Faith which was beamed on the Church’s online media channels on YouTube and Periscope.

According to PT, as the philanthropic Pastor is known and addressed by members of The Nation Family, Christians should endeavour to leave the pursuit of less important things and go back to their first love as stated in Revelation 2:1-4.

He pointed out that God is not ready to use complacent Christians who hide their relationship with Him. He uses broken people who will not compromise their fellowship with Him. God insists that His name will be great among Gentiles and it takes willing Christians to make this happen

“It is the first love for the things of Christ that matter. Not the displays of physical things like clothes and cars, not media approval by print and electronic media, not social media validation. No, it is the first love”

He enthused that being complacent legitimizes the opponent so Christians cannot afford to be relaxed. He pointed out that many Churches today legitimize the opponent either knowingly or unknowingly, adding that there is a level of complacency that comes with comfort, and that legitimizes the opponent.

“Most of our parents became complacent after burning for God because certain expectations were not met. He said the fact that some things did not happen should not discourage but should rather fuel the hunger for more of God.”

PT explained that faith and obedience are measured by handling of certain activities but that a reasonable level of faith is needed to fellowship with God as that is more vital and moves Him even more.

“The greatness of God is not limited to those who know Him. To get to the level of understanding God’s greatness, it takes faith, fellowship and understanding what He wants to do. With faith, you easily have on a platter what takes years for others to achieve.”

Talking about living sacrificial lives, PT noted that humans have the tendency to blackmail God with their sacrifices. He said this only sends a believer back to the drawing board as God’s fire does not fall on such sacrifices to make them acceptable to Him.

“Fellowship without sacrifice will not quite move the heart of God like a combination of both fellowship and sacrifice.”

Pastor Tobi said the 12 Cases of Faith is a series of messages that would be preached over a period of time and the second case of faith is found in Matthew 8.

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