How APC, PDP Are Rubbishing Nigerians Without Remorse (Part 1)

By Oyeniyi Esan
I have decided to keep quiet over political matters, because many people around me and my profession are beneficiaries of this crazy, inhuman and satanic configuration of these two political party system-APC and PDP. It takes a first-class fool to believe that we are in multi-party system, because all other political parties are for consolidations and permutations, especially at the national front.

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I am pointing directly to the leaders of these parties to be very conscious of some of those who are desperate to embrace political apathy without any sense of regrets because I can’t stand the sight of terribly hungry people bargaining their votes in exchange for money or food (bag of rice) in this case. Why? Poverty has become a powerful tool in electioneering! Keep Us Hungry! ‘Satanic’ remains the best description of these people.

Checking the national front in respect to the selection of the presidency by these political parties, it is to be observed that there is an inherent error committed by APC in respect to religious imbalance while PDP to ethnic imbalance.

Despite the clamour to have a southern president, the PDP has the effrontery to give us a presidential candidate from the North under the control of a Northern Chairman, who has decided not to step down in order to have a fair game. The resignation of Senator Iyorchia Ayu in a bid to have a Southern Chairman could have eased the tension of those having issues with Northern presidential candidate.

The PDP has committed an ethic imbalance error, and in as much the PDP Chairman has decided not to step down, then you think a bag of rice will do? The signal is that PDP doesn’t have trust in the credibility of any southern person in the capacity of presidency or chairmanship.

The southern kicks! Wike kicks! Fayose Kicks! They are kicking! Is Seyi Makinde not kicking? Ibadan to Osogbo is about Sixty (60) miles of less than three (3) hours’ drive, because his absence is a political signal.

Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu won the APC race against all odds; we saw how he repeatedly and consciously used Yoruba mandate as a key in his struggle to secure the ticket, then to balance ethnic concerns APC settled for the former Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima. The APC falls to religious imbalance, and do you expect the Christian body to keep quiet with the memory of the death of Deborah Yakubu on one side, and the Owo incidence on the other side? The feeling of being marginalized is normal to an average Christian, especially in the fear of Islamization.

Tibunu in a same-faith ticket shows a display of imposition, without regards to the fundamentals of the core Nigerian problems- religious intolerance and ethic differences. The question of appealing to the conscious of an average Christian to vote for APC willingly in the next election seems not possible but plausible.

Ask Reuben Famuyibo why he lost in his compound in the recently concluded Ekiti election, his neighbours in same compound, better still family compound, that were once willing to be the next governor’s aide, suddenly turned back and faced reality.

I heard a shot!

A shot of pains, tears… How many months’ salary, pension is Fayemi not able to pay?

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) of the Ekiti chapter has issued a 21-day ultimatum to Governor Kayode Fayemi to pay workers outstanding salaries and remit contributory funds to the appropriate quarters before his exit. Why now ? Why Not 21 days to the Election, and call on all the labour forces in the country to stop labouring ! Fayose, on the other hand, left unpaid 57 billion naira workers’ salaries and funds by the present administration.

How can we have a free and fair election in a society bedeviled by corruption in the face of hunger and poverty?

Then, poverty becomes a weapon in the hands of the APC, PDP people because money has become power. Money becomes very powerful because poverty is thread that holds the fabric of our existence.

I am not concern about the educational system, and the fate of ASUU because it is in line to ruin the destiny of the poor man’s children in Nigeria. Do you know what the Whiteman did to the poor black boy? They locked them out of school, by the time Mandela came to power, key positions remain in their hands. How many Black South African can afford or willing to attend University of Pretoria?

The African youths are in the deadly mercy of drugs abuse, prostitution and cybercrime because life seems very difficult, especially when hard-work, uprightness and integrity are not financially profitable, emotionally rewarding and psychologically pleasing. If not, why Portable Zazu should be a marketing strategy in determination people’s destiny? Zazu public display of his Awolowo’s legacy is highly appreciated! We are hopeful he becomes an entertainment minister someday, when the industry becomes a ministry ! Before Nigeria gets to that place, I have to look, watch and write not about us but my father and the secret Abacha told him!

What is that thing that APC and PDP believe in as a weapon to win the forthcoming general election?

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