Group Appeals To Oyetola To Intervene In The Installation Of Rightful King For Alajue Town In Ede South LG

Following the six years absence of a king for Alajue town, a community in Ede South local government area of State of Osun, a group known as Alajue Stakeholders Forum (ASF) has appealed to the Governor of State of Osun, Adegboyega Oyetola to urgently intervene in installing a rightful king for the town.

The Group in a press release signed by its President, Yemi Akande and Secretary, Yinka Adigun said that Alajue Town has been without a king for six years now since the passage of a king that came from Molabi ruling family.

The group which frowned at the court action by Molabi ruling family said that the family should in the interest of peace allow the rightful king from Alajue ruling family to be installed as the king without further wasting of time.

“From the days of our forefathers, we grew up to understand that we only have two ruling houses-Alajue Ruling House and Molabi Ruling House. And since the death of our king from Molabi ruling house; it is Alajue ruling family that has the right to produce the next king and which they have done. The Molabi ruling house which has gone to court to obtain a restraining court order since 2015 to prevent a representative of Alajue from being installed a king is a bad omen for our community. ”

Alajue Stakeholders Forum (ASF) added that the action of the Molabi ruling house has greatly affected the economic and overall development of the community.

“The absence of a king occasioned by court restraining order by Molabi ruling family in the last six years has greatly affected the overall development of our community. We therefore appeal to the Governor, State of Osun to urgently intervene with a view to installing a king from Alajue family.”

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