Good Xtians Need Not Suffer To Make Heavens But Make Sacrifice-Pastor Adegboyega

FOR us to be free from various negative things that easily hold us back, a high level of sacrifice is needed to identify truth which would set us free from bondage and as well guaranteed our eternity in heaven.

This admonition was given by the Global Head of London-based SPAC Nation, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega during  a meetiing with the ministry’s family heads, which culminated in an online service beamed via Youtube and other social media channels .

The Nigerian-born Pastor referred to freedom as God’s genius plan for humanity, saying freedom stems from the truth.adding  that a person of truth does not need to be convinced when they see the truth.

Quoting from John 8:21-32, PT advised that all and sundry should endeavour to seek for the truth as it was in knowing the truth that freedom could be attained.

 He however warned that freedom is not served without a fight, which does not have to be violent.

The Global lead pastor said that  the need for freedom stemmed from the fact that there was bondage that needed to be addressed. and crushed holistically.

“We have been bound by many things. In fact some of the things that have bound us are seen as positive. I’m talking of things like ambition, money, consumerism, and even religion. The old generation used religion to bind and constrain us; they built big churches without necessarily building people. If we have to be honest with ourselves, we will admit that religion has not set the world free. Those who started it were sacrificial but those who use it now don’t make much sacrifice.”

He advised Christians to free themselves from the idea that they had to struggle and suffer on earth while waiting for prosperity in Heaven because that negates what is written in the scriptures about God’s will being done on earth as it is in Heaven.

“I’m not saying you should wait for everything to be served for you freely on earth but the truth is God is not interested in you suffering on earth so that you can enjoy abundance and prosperity in Heaven. You can have a very good life on earth and enjoy the beauty of the Kingdom of God that comes after you depart this world for eternity.”

The Pastor who is known for his philanthropic activities  in the United Kingdom and many countries across West Africa cited Isaac as an institution of freedom pointing out that  Abraham earned the trust and confidence of his son Isaac and that set the tone for the freedom that Isaac had which ultimately transferred to his twin sons, Esau and Jacob.

“Isaac was the fruit of delay, and the epitome of freedom. Abraham freed himself from culture and made sacrifices by making the move from his people as instructed by God because he had to have Isaac who in turn produced Esau and Jacob.”

He also cited the decision of Abraham to proceed on the three day journey to Moriah to make a sacrifice as instructed by God without having an animal in mind as something that epitomizes both freedom and sacrifice.

“Until Isaac and Abraham arrived at Moriah, there was no real freedom. If you don’t face Moriah to sacrifice Isaac, you will not find the ram caught in the thicket. That decision Abraham took to follow God’s instructions took him to a level of freedom that showed that nothing else mattered than God.”

“Isaac was one with Abraham, his Dad. They both got to Moriah as father and son without Isaac having an idea of what would be used as a sacrifice. That set the tone for Isaac becoming a very different man and dying a little to become the new Isaac that produced Esau and Jacob who were both fathers of nations.”

Pastor Tobi also used that opportunity to appreciate the partners of SPAC Nation, stating that there is no good freedom without committed partners adding that it was partners who made it possible  not  to have a ny reason to solicit funds but instead give out to different communities in many countries.

“We don’t solicit for funds because we have people who like Isaac have sacrificed themselves. That is why we give massively instead of waiting to receive. I want you to know that we have not even started impacting the world. The Nation family will give in such a way that our giving will be at the highest sacrificial level ever known.”the minister of God submitted.

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