Corruption As A Bane Of Under-Development In Nigeria By Peter Otakpo

‘Corruption’ is a form dishonesty or criminal offence undertaken by a person or an organization entrusted with a position of authority to acquire his or her own private gain.

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Corruption has spread all over country, within the (police, judiciary, military, health sector, education sector, media, religious houses and even within the family).

Unfortunately, causes of corruption in our society are many. Some of the factors attributed to corruption in our country today are poverty, low income, greed for acquisition of wealth, poor state of the economy, bad leadership, illiteracy and many other factors.

However, the way to end corruption is to make sure the effectiveness of the of the law of the land. Any individual found to have engaged in any corrupt escapade should be made to face the music. Children must be educated on how to fight corruption, and this is the work of parents and teachers. The youth in the society should also make sure they engage in meaningful ventures and avoid the temptation of getting rich young.

Our leaders and political office holders should also shun corruption for the country to be able to move forward.

It is not good to engage in corruption because of the damages. It can make a country to end up in debt because the fund for education , health care, and others must have been embezzled by those at the helm of affairs.

It can also tarnish the image of whosoever that engages in corruption.
It can affect a family and bring about separation between the parents and the children.

When a leader engages in corruption and he or she is caught; such a leader will lose the trust of the people. Corruption undermines the development of the country.

However, there are many ways to put an end to corruption in the country. We should encourage and promote clean business.

Companies should make sure they adopt anti-corruption programme in their companies.

Schools and family should also be clean and free from corruption.

To also get rid of corruption in the country all youths must be gainfully employed. Young Nigerians who are through with their education should be given automatic employment.

Also, government must create enabling environment for small scale businesses to grow in Nigeria. We should also tap into our agricultural potentials and develop it in such away that many youths would be engaged.


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