Christians Must Key Into The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus For Them To Achieve In Life- Pastor Adegboyega

BELIEVERS have been charged to key into the death and resurrection of Jesus to set their minds on things above so as to get that which they deserve.

The Global Lead Pastor of The Nation Family, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega made this call while ministering during the Church’s Easter Sunday service which was monitored via her social media handle.

According to Pastor Tobi, it is a shame that Christians now focus on unimportant stuff like buying cars, getting married and building houses when they should take a cue from Daniel and concentrate on God.

He pointed out that while some were busy concentrating on getting stuff produced by unbelievers and choosing to see them as miracles, God is telling them to set their minds on the things above so they can possess that which they deserve, and then have that which they desire as bonus.

“It baffles me to no end seeing Christians wait on God for the miracle of buying cars and building houses when they can have these material things as added incentives. Focus on the things above, focus on benefiting from the death and resurrection of Christ; focus on having the Holy Spirit, then all these things will be added unto you.”

PT advised that people should have a mind shift when addressing their problems. He explained that problems are around the carriers and are not going anywhere and should therefore be seen as things on earth which should not be focused on. He said the mind should be set on the solutions which invariably mean that one is setting one’s mind above.

The Pastor who has been in ministry since his twenties advised believers not to gauge the power of God on material acquisitions, charging them to instead have a standard of living that is not less than Christ’s as that is the only thing that qualifies them to be addressed as Christians.

Speaking further, he advised Christians to emulate Daniel who stuck with God despite undeserved opposition because of his refusal to conform to what others wanted. Pastor Tobi referred to Daniel as a ‘woke’ Christian and said many of the present-day believers find it hard to stand their ground when it comes to God.

“People will advise you to bend a little, just a little, to suit their purpose and make you trip from the right path. Don’t do it! Don’t conform, you don’t need their approval.”

PT added that just like the King, the people we look up to for salvation have their hands tied sometimes. He quoted Daniel 9 to back this up said further that “anyone who does not care whether you live or die does not deserve to decorate you.”

He explained that Daniel was not afraid to court controversy because of his belief in God and charged believers to quit being unnecessarily gentle when it comes to God and Kingdom affairs.

“You cannot just be a gentle assembly without controversy. It means something isn’t right. It means you are only trying to say what people want to hear and not God wants to say through you. Jesus Himself was controversial. Even Daniel was controversial. Court controversy the right way and claim nations and territories for God.”

On a final note during the service, PT encouraged believers to lose their lives in Christ so as to enjoy a life of unending winning and buck the trend of unprofitable ventures and unfavourable results.


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