Abductors Of ’63’ Wedding Guests In Katsina Threaten To Marry Bride Off

The abductors of “63” wedding guests in Katsina state have threatened to marry off the bride.

On February 1, more than 50 persons who were escorting a bride to her matrimonial home along Damari town in Sabuwa LGA of Katsina state, were abducted by gunmen.

Three vigilantes were also said to have lost their lives while trying to prevent the abduction.

In a viral video clip, the gunmen threatened to marry off the bride if she is not rescued.

leader of the kidnappers who did not unmask himself, could be seen wielding a gun, issuing threats and barking out instructions.

“Anyone who thinks he can rescue them should try. And stop lying by saying 53 people were taken. We have 63 people with us here,” he said.

“The bride is here too, if you don’t come to rescue her, we will marry her off to a new husband.”

The victims in the background could be heard pleading for help.

The victims urged their relatives and loved ones to pool resources for their ransom, adding that if left to the government, nothing would be done.

The abductees added that their captors do not beat or maltreat them.

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