10 Things Your Partner Should Never Ask You To Do

Change Who You Are
You’re partner should accept and love you for who you are! If you feel like you have to change your personality when you’re around your partner, it’s time to leave- fast!
Change Your Appearance
How you look is equally part of you, so your partner should never ask you to change that! If he insists you’d look better with shorter hair or even tells you to lose weight, it’s clear he doesn’t love you for who you are.
Cut Off Your Family
It’s not unusual for your partner to not get on with your family- that’s life! But if he makes YOU feel bad for it and asks you to not see them, that’s really not on.
Not Go Out With Your Friends
Your partner should understand that you need time with your own friends. He should never make you feel guilty for going out with the girls or even ask you to not go out at all. This is a huge warning sign of an overly-possessive boyfriend!
Not Have Independence
Want to just go for a coffee alone? Need a solo shopping trip? Your partner should never restrict you from doing things by yourself and having me time!
Hold You Back
Things like asking you to not take that job in another town because it means moving further away from him, or making you pass up a promotion are all major signs of a toxic couple. Your partner should support you and encourage you to reach for your goals!
Feel Uncomfortable In The Bedroom
A healthy couple will know what each other likes and doesn’t like in the bedroom and respect that. Your partner should never ask you to do things that you don’t like just to please him.
Give Up Your Privacy
If your partner asks you to tell them your passwords for things like your social media or even bank accounts, ask yourself why! This is a massive red flag that they are controlling and possessive.
Feel Bad For Your Emotions
A supportive partner will comfort you if you just need a cry after a bad day and put up with your hormonal mood swings. Phrases like ‘just deal with it’ or ‘move on’ are not what you want to hear!
Move Too Quickly
Has he asked you to move in and you’re just not ready? Feel like it’s getting to intense too soon? Each person has different expectations in a relationship and want to move at different paces, so your partner should never make you take a step you’re not ready to take.

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