Yoruba Group Condemns Attack On Lawmaker

The concern Yoruba Group in Lagos have raised alarm over the allegations levied on the Hon Jude Idimogu,member Lagos State Assembly representing Oshodi isolo constituency by A non-governmental organisation, Know Your Rights for Justice.

The group condinator Com, Akinwale Adesina, faulted the viral news reported on social media, by Mr Kingsley onyia, Mrs Udand his faceless groups describing hon Jude Idimogu as a thief, due to the earlier transactions

The report which analysis the event that transpired On the 27th day of January, 2012, explained how the court have struck off the case due to lack of merit, which declared hon jude not guilty since then.

It is quiet disappointing for Mr Onyia Kingsley to consult a faceless group to threaten and petition our member, to the point of asking the Rt hon speaker Hon Mudashiru obasa to suspend him, after the court have strucked out the case as is being refered in their statement.

Hence , we are not warry of his antic in pulling down our member with integrity and virtue, that have lived a selfless exemplary life to all” Akinwale said.

The group also urged Mr Kingsley Onyia, and Mrs. Udoka Ezenamala to do the needful if, they knows their submissions are true, not using police and media to blackmail our member due to his inability to feed his children and pay their bills.

As a group that believes in the progressive, tranquility, and integrity of our member, we called on all the people involved in the cheap blackmail of our member Hon jude Idimogu to desist from it, because account on the proceeding have being duly followed, with expository on how the transaction was made, by Mr Olu Davis, the Account bearer and Polychris Bdc ltd Mrs. Udoka Ezenamala which the court of competent found hon jude Idimogu not guilty.

Akinwale, hereby called on the general public, to disregard the information from sahara reporters and starconnect media, as they have not learnt to practice the ethic of their profession, also, we urged Kingsley Onyia to tender a public apology after withdrawal of the petition filed against hon jude Idimogu, he suatained.

Hon Jude Idimogu, representing Oshodi isolo constituency have called on total calmness as his legal team are working on it.

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