How I Escaped Being Kidnapped Along Ife-Ibadan Expressway- Comrade Bolarinwa, YYF President

The President of Yoruba Youth Forum (YYF), Comrade Oluwasegun Abiodun Bolarinwa has narrated how he narrowly escaped being kidnapped by armed Fulani bandits along Ife-Ibadan expressway on Saturday night.
Narrating his ordeals to newsmen, Comrade Bolarinwa said that he was coming from Ile-Ife where he had gone to attend a meeting at around 9.45pm on Saturday night.
“I was coming from Ile-Ife where I had gone to attend a meeting and shortly after Ikire I noticed that there was no vehicle coming. Driving few kilometres after Ikire, I saw about seven men, three of whom dressed in army camouflage and had their faces covered in what looked like facial masks. But because of what I have been hearing about the road, I was also very careful and I first reduced my speed and tried to reverse but to my greatest surprise they ran after me and were shooting . Unfortunately, as I was reversing with speed I entered a pothole and couldn’t go any further. I had to abandon my jeep and took the key with me running into the bush. Two of them pursued me and shot at my direction for almost ten minutes but through the assistance of God and what our elders in Yoruba land have bequeathed to us, none of the bullets hit me.”
He further added that he ran inside the bush and ran for about 30minutes before stopping to see if he was still being pursued.
“I ran for about 30minutes before I stopped. I began to trek, and also ran at interval. I reached a village at Sekona, near Ede town in Osun state. I narrated my ordeals to some of the villagers who assisted me in finding my way back, the next morning. When I finally reached where my jeep was I saw that the money I had at the booth of my Jeep, documents of Yoruba Youths Forum and other personal belongings had been removed and they also destroyed part of my Jeep.”
Comrade Bolarinwa added that he is still in shock over the incidence, saying that it is true Fulani bandits have taken over our major highways in the Southwest.
“It is so sad that the road from Ibadan to Ile-Ife is full of heavy potholes and this is what these criminals are taking advantage to kidnap people for ransom and also to kill people. Our leaders in the Southwest must do something very urgent about this trend before it gets out of control.”
Comrade Bolarinwa urged government at both federal and state levels, as well as security agents to take urgent action as the escalating criminal activities of armed Fulani herders and bandits is real.
“The threat is real. There is need for urgent actions to curtail the activities of these criminals. They must be to be flushed out now in the Southwest before they take over all our roads. Our leaders must wake up from their slumber and find a lasting solution to the evil activities of Fulani bandits in the South-West before it is too late.”

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