Group Congratulates General Bolarinwa On His New Appointment

A Group known as Nigerian League of Democrats, NLD has congratulated one of Nigeria’s most courageous and patriotic military officers, General Abiodun Bolarinwa over his new appointment.
The Group in a press release, signed and made available to journalists by its Coordinator, Idowu Adekanbi described General Abiodun Bolarinwa as a gallant, patriotic and courageous military officer who no doubt will continue to achieve more in his life endeavors.
“You have dedicated your life to the country. The life which protects the life of others, the life that doesn’t live for itself. This promotion salutes the life of you. Win many hurdles and go ahead in your life. Your skill, which is rare that cannot be predicted and cannot not be compared; you go one step ahead, with your talent and hard work today, but the mountain is high and your confidence can climb at the top with your courage.”
It added: “Your new appointment is the reward for your unconditional serving and selfless service to humanity. The promotion, you got, pays off your talent and hard work. You deserve many more achievements in life.
NLD further stated that General Abiodun Bolarinwa has paid his dues and has done the grind and that no one deserves the promotion more than him.
“We were delighted to hear of your new appointment. We are not surprised at this promotion. You’ve worked so hard for it and deserve the recognition you are getting now. We use this medium to congratulate you and to tell you this is just the beginning. Better things are still coming your way. The good Lord will be with you in all aspect of your life. Keep flying higher. Keep moving up. There is no stopping you.”

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